John Cusack


Interviewed by Jane Crowther

Do you believe in fate and serendipity yourself?

Sure. I've had a lot of serendipitous experiences where you run into someone and you keep running into them.

Was it difficult after September 11th to promote a film that portrays New York as such a fairytale, magical city?

It was very difficult. I didn't want to do any talk shows or anything like that but everybody was saying "Please, come back to New York". The city wanted the baseball and the movies back, people just wanted to feel something else. They seemed to really like the fact that they could view the city in a different way.

You and Kate Beckinsale have great chemistry in the film – how do you create that?

I met Kate once before, but sometimes you meet people and feel like you've known them for ages. That's what actors have to do. It's great, it's like an affair without the mess!

What are you doing for your cameo role in the upcoming Charlie Kaufman film "Adaptation"?

Charlie wrote a script where he plays himself – it's an insane script - and he goes to visit the set of "Being John Malkovich", and meets me playing myself playing Craig Schwartz.

You were quoted as saying that you wanted to be involved in a great piece of art, have you achieved that yet?

I've done about 45 films and about six or seven of them are good.

Which ones are they?

The good ones.

"Serendipity" opens in UK cinemas on Friday 26th December 2001.