David Lynch - Strung Out

He's the sultan of suburban surrealism, a connoisseur of small town peculiarity, a cult director with a uniquely skewed perspective on the world, but is the creator of "Blue Velvet" and "Mulholland Drive" as weird as you'd think? Probably...

7 ½ facts about David Lynch

3 Mel Brooks dubbed Lynch "Jimmy Stewart from Mars", aptly summarising his external appearance as a paragon of US conservative normalcy and his bizarre, dark, and largely mystifying art.

13 Lynch was born in the tiny town of Missoula, Montana - smaller even than the setting of his infamous TV series, Twin Peaks.

83 Lynch's parents, Donald and Sunny, met while attending a biology class at Duke University. Sunny was a language tutor and Don was a researcher in the department of agriculture.

7 Lynch has been married twice, and has three children. His daughter, Jennifer Chambers Lynch, wrote and directed the hugely controversial - and widely thought of as appalling - "Boxing Helena".

99 It seems weirdness may run in the family, as his sister used to be afraid of green peas.

756 Despite his maverick, extreme reputation, Lynch hasn't been above whoring his talent. His advertising work includes filming a commercial for PlayStation 2.

45 Lynch's next project is rumoured to be a Broadway musical with long-time collaborator Angelo Badalamenti.

56 ½ He used to be an Eagle Scout.

456 As well as making films, adverts, TV series', and writing music, Lynch secretly harboured a passion for designing furniture for many years, which came out when he presented a furniture collection at an exhibition in Milan in 1997.

"Mulholland Drive" opens in UK cinemas on Friday 4th January 2002.