Anne Hathaway

The Princess Diaries

Interviewed by Ben Falk

Nineteen-year-old Anne Hathaway already has a famous name, but family fable "The Princess Diaries" is her first movie role. She plays Mia, a dorky San Franciscan teen, coached by her estranged regal Granny to become heir to the fictional throne of Genovia.

Let's start with the eyebrows.

(bursts out laughing) Yes, please do!

Your character starts off looking pretty dishevelled, complete with overly-bushy eyebrows. Did you actually go out like that?

Actually I did and I've never felt so alone in my entire life. I was in a book store and this really skanky, weird guy came up to me and said: "Would you like to come to my poetry reading?" I was like, "er, no thank you".

What did you learn from Julie Andrews?

She stood up very straight. I don't know if that's an English mannerism but I'm an American, we slouch. I love slouching - it's kind of who I am.

Tell us about your beloved Genovia?

Hmmmm. Well, they don't have any taxes there because there's a huge tourist trade and it has the only natural white sand in the entire world.

Are you a little nervous about being idolised by young boys?

Well, my little brother's 13 and I've seen the way he fawns over Britney Spears. But I can't imagine anybody would do that with me because I'm not blonde or tanned.

How worried are you that this movie might typecast you?

Well, actually, in my next movie, I am playing a drug-addled prostitute. Er, just kidding. I'm going to school right now, so it'll have to be something pretty special to pull me out of that. If I find it, wonderful, if not, I'm going to graduate with my degree in English and I'll take it from there.