Dominic Monaghan

The Fellowship of the Ring

Interviewed by James Mottram

Were you aware that the shoot would be so physically demanding?

We were told the days were going to be long, and that there was going to be a lot of physical exertion. So we had personal trainers and we were sword fighting and eating well. We all got bigger and fitter and took up surfing. New Zealand is a great place for surfing. A few of our friends were surfers, and they introduced Billy [Boyd, who plays Pippin] to it, and then they got the rest of the Fellowship into it. We would spend most weekends trying to surf.

How did you get on with the other hobbits?

I think it would be impossible for a group of people to be together and not make friendships and we have become, in every sense of the word, a Fellowship. As the nine boys, but also the actors on the periphery, we are so close - we call each other all the time. I stayed with Sean [Astin, who plays Sam] and Elijah [Wood, who plays Frodo] in LA.

Did your family come and visit you?

Yeah, my parents, my brother, and three of my friends all came over. It was such a fantastic family atmosphere to bring people in that I invited as many people as possible. My mum even sent Sean's family a Christmas cake.

How was it when you finished the film?

We all had a real come down from these movies because it moved so fast, and it was cut so abruptly. You have to go through a period of getting back to a level of normality, otherwise you just lose yourself in this world.

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