Rupert Grint and Emma Watson

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Interviewed by Alec Cawthorne

How did you find time for your schoolwork and social life while filming?

Rupert Grint: We always have a tutor on the set, and when we're not working we're always tutoring.
Emma Watson: I try and keep my social life up as much as I can. And my mum and dad made a really big effort for me to see my friends a lot. I even brought some of them up to the set, which was really good fun.

What was the most memorable part of the film for you, and the most nerve-wracking?

RG: Eating all the sweets on the train. The most difficult was probably the chess scene with those massive chess pieces. But it was fun.
EW: The most enjoyable was probably meeting all the new people. It was amazing to meet all the great co-stars we act with; the crew have been fantastic - they made me feel really comfortable. Probably the most nerve-wracking thing is sitting here in front of you at this press conference, to be honest with you.

Did you buy yourselves extravagant presents to celebrate the end of the film?

RG: I think we just had a massive party.
EW: I went on a clothes shopping spree around London. That was my treat.

Are there any spells from the movie you'd like to be able to do in real life?

RG: Probably transfiguration. I'd turn Robbie Coltrane into a chocolate frog.
EW: I particularly liked it when Neville dropped to the ground in a body-binder. It's one of my favourite scenes from the movie, in fact.

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