Reviewer's Rating 4 out of 5   User Rating 4 out of 5
The Shining DVD (1980)

One of the few genuinely atmospheric horror films out there, "The Shining" has been begging for a sound remix for years. With the DVD release, it gets it, and boy will it chill your blood.

Stanley Kubrick preferred his films to be released in fullscreen 1.33:1 ratio, aand that's how it is on DVD. Clean and clear, the transfer knocks years off the movie and remains detailed, even during darker scenes like the chase in the maze.

Watching "The Shining" on video with the old mono track was always a frustrating experience. Flat and dull, it considerably reduced the impact of the oppressive music score. That's all changed with the 5.1 sound mix on the DVD. Intelligently produced, it splits both music and effects between the available speakers to envelop you into the mood of the film. The impact is extraordinary and even repeat viewers of the movie will enjoy the added terror that the 5.1 now brings.

The one extra feature is a 'making of' documentary shot during the production of the film by Vivian Kubrick, the then 17-year-old daughter of Stanley. She also provides a new audio commentary for the documentary that adds a retrospective slant to her experiences. Not only is her film impressive in terms of footage, but it's also a valuable record of understanding Kubrick's work methods, and why actors like Jack Nicholson were always keen to work with him.

Region: 2
Ratio: 1.33:1 (anamorphic)
Sound: Dolby Digital 5:1
Extra Features: Scene selection, 'The Making of "The Shining"' original documentary with optional audio commentary with Vivian Kubrick, trailer, multiple languages and subtitles, and English for the hearing impaired.

End Credits

Director: Stanley Kubrick

Writer: Stanley Kubrick, Diane Johnson

Stars: Jack Nicholson, Shelley Duvall, Danny Lloyd, Scatman Crothers, Barry Nelson, Joe Turkel, Philip Stone, Lia Beldam, Billie Beldam

Genre: Horror

Length: 115 minutes

Cinema: 1980

DVD: 10 September 2001

Country: USA