Robin Wright Penn

The Pledge

Interviewed by Kirstie Lamont

Your role in "The Pledge" is very harrowing, do you find it easy to put it all away at the end of the day?

It's funny, people say you can't separate from it, it's part of your skin, but for me it's a job. It's an emotional job and you have to cut your heart out and put it on the table for 10 hours of the day. But once the clock stops, you get changed and you leave the trailer, then you have a drink. It goes away.

Do you see a difference between Sean Penn the actor and Sean Penn the director?

Experience pays its dues but I think it's so much more enriching having an actor who's a director and that's coming from my experience of working with him. When we're acting together it's such a complete bubble that you're really getting the cause and effect. The level of trust gives you so much more of a base. It makes a big difference having the actor who's the director, because they know the system and they know what not to ask.

Are you concerned how your children will cope having two famous parents when they grow up?

It's a concern in that you don't allow them to delve into that lifestyle and we killed that by moving out of Los Angeles where you're so surrounded by the industry. Even the bus boys at the restaurants have a script to give you. Everybody is in the business. So I would have to say at this stage no, but they can't become an actor until they're out of the house - that's the rule! It's not allowed.

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