Kirsten Dunst

Get Over It

Interviewed by James Mottram

"Get Over It" is another example of you avoiding the crude teeny roles as seen in the likes of "American Pie"?

I have tried to stay away from acting in the typical teen roles. I did "Get Over It" because of the singing. They offered me the role of Allison but I thought my role had more. I don't mind gross-out films, though. I loved "There's Something About Mary". If I was offered that role, I would've done it. I think the last few years the teen power in Hollywood has really gone crazy. When I was younger, teenagers did not work that much.

The film uses Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream". Is this a good way for teenagers to get into the Bard?

Sure I guess it is a good way to get people involved with Shakespeare - although our version was much more fun than the original. As an actor you learn about Shakespeare pretty young. I also studied his work in high school.

You're working on Sam Raimi's "Spider-Man" now. Are you a fan of the comic books?

I really did not grow up with the comic book craze. Video games are our thing. But I have met so many diehard fans - it's great. I hope we deliver something that they will be proud of. The controversy of my character was if I was going to do it as a blonde - and I'm not. I am keeping with the book and am a red head. Which was fun - it made me feel like a cartoon.

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