Kate Beckinsale

Pearl Harbor

Interviewed by Jane Crowther

Were you wary of this film skewing history?

Yes, but I was just so impressed how many military advisors, Japanese advisors, historians and survivors were involved. That was really the most appropriate benchmark for me.

This is a part a lot of Americans would have killed for – was that extra pressure for you?

I think it’s become very different in the last few years – we’ve had a lot of Americans playing British parts and vice versa. That’s good because as actors you’re dealing with mainly what’s human and what’s universal. You don’t necessarily have to be a murderer to play a murderer so I don’t think you have to be American to play American.

You’ve said that you’re determined to spend as much time with your daughter Lily as possible – what happens when the big offers come in?

If I get a script that’s set in the jungle it goes to the bottom of the pile because I don’t think the playgrounds are gong to be very good there! I’m really aware of how lucky I am but I have the kind of job where I can bring my child to work. But Lily’s liberated me in every possible way so I don’t mind putting off the jungle.

What do you make of being compared to Kate Winslet?

Oh it’s awful being compared to such an incredibly talented woman! Both of us are in big movies with ships sinking but it’s lovely to be compared with her, I think she’s amazing.

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