Rachel Griffiths

Very Annie Mary

Interviewed by James Mottram

What made you want to do "Very Annie Mary"?

I finally had the chance to be a clown-innocent - something youíre much more likely to play on stage than on film. I love doing films where you can do really different things.

What do you think of Annie Mary's character?

Sheís a sandwich short of a picnic, as we would say. Her father has a stroke, and she becomes like a small country after the dictator dies. She has this big liberation thatís rather hilarious for sheís never done anything for herself.

The film was directed by Sara Sugarman, who made "Mad Cows". That never put you off?

This is her first auteur film, because she wasnít responsible for "Mad Cows". She was just directing it.

How did you find working in Wales?

Well, since I am a Griffiths it was like welcome back! It was weird because I kept seeing my fatherís nose. When I went to Ireland - where my motherís side of the family is from you could just see the gene pools. My fatherís father was Welsh, and I could just see his nose.

Did you mind being away from your family for such a long time?

Email has made a big difference. Even though I was in this tiny village in Wales, every morning I would plug in my emails and get messages from friends and family. I came back and I was just so up to date with everybodyís lives. I donít surf, though. I feel like surfing the web is like coming home after being away from a year, and going through a yearís worth of junk mail looking for a love letter. I just donít have the energy. I did find a great site for Airstream trailers though.