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See Spot Run (2001)

It is possible, in fact highly probable, that the writers of this movie are as idiotic as the fat-headed lead character on screen - a super-juvenile, terminally dim, mailman played by David Arquette. One makes this assumption, not just because of their, at best mediocre, at worst dreadful screenplay, but because they have asserted, presumably in a spirit of irony, that they are 'constantly amused by their own cleverness'. This sounds like arrogance masquerading as self send-up, and is best avoided by so-called 'creatives' who deliver a movie as anaemic and empty as "See Spot Run".

The writers are much more moronic then the teen market they are cynically trying to capture through the unintelligent, and almost beyond belief, antics of a postman who hates dogs and so, surprise, surprise, is saddled with one, a bull mastiff which is an agent for the FBI. Not only is the pooch being pursued by gangster Paul Sorvino (whose drugs he's adept at sniffing out) but also by the FBI (represented by Michael Clarke Duncan as a ludicrously sentimental dog-lover), who has lost him to the mailman and his new chum, a wee boy he is babysitting. Oh yes, the almost invisible and utterly obvious subplot involves Arquette struggling to hook the youngster's gorgeous mum.

Naturally the kid, in a shameless attempt to engage the audience, has a cute gap in his teeth and is nice at all times. At least he is more bearable to watch than David Arquette grinning vacuously, coughing up cereal, and watching his colleague attempt to pick up five dollars with his bottom. Such gems are also milked and so take forever to leave the screen.

"See Spot Run" is released in cinemas on 25th May 2001.

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End Credits

Director: John Whitesell

Writer: Dan Baron, Chris Faber

Stars: David Arquette, Michael Clarke Duncan, Leslie Bibb, Joe Viterelli, Angus T Jones, Anthony Anderson, Paul Sorvino

Genre: Comedy

Length: 97 minutes

Cinema: 25 May 2001

Country: USA

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