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Eastern Condors DVD (1987)

Many of you will know the rotund, but agile Sammo Hung, star of the TV series "Martial Law". Fewer may be familiar with his long career in direction, which includes the "Dirty Dozen"-styled "Eastern Condors". It's his favourite film and he's on hand to talk about it in another showcase DVD from Hong Kong Legends.

The action is supposed to be in Vietnam, but as with all those Chuck Norris "Missing in Action" flicks, it's shot in the Phillipines. You might be surprised to find that it was made back in 1987, as the picture transfer is stunningly fresh.

The jungle-based Kung Fu is accompanied by a bass-heavy 5.1 track that adds ambient effects to the rears, and punches to the subwoofer. Various effects like gunfire are often restricted to the centre speaker, but this is still impressive work.

Sammo Hung contributes two new interviews to this disc. In the first, he talks about his early career and his time at the Peking Opera School. For the second, he concentrates on "Eastern Condors" and reveals the rather strict diet he went on to get his lean look for the film. If you want more background on Sammo, you'll learn plenty from the detailed animated biography, which you'll find under a very cool set of animated menus.

Chapters: 30
Region: 2
Ratio: 2.35.1 (Anamorphic)
Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1
Extra Features: Scene selection, interview gallery with Sammo Hung, animated biographies of Sammo Hung and Joyce Godenzi, photo gallery, two trailers, Hong Kong Legends showcase, animated menus, multiple languages, subtitles.

End Credits

Director: Sammo Hung

Writer: Barry Wong

Stars: Sammo Hung, Yuen Biao, Joyce Godenzi, Lam Ching Ying, Haing S Ngor, Yuen Woo Ping

Genre: Action

Length: 93 minutes

Cinema: 1987

DVD: 2 April 2001

Country: Hong Kong