Reviewer's Rating 3 out of 5  
Convoy DVD (1978)

The action-comedy movie "Convoy" doesn't fit any typical film mould, apart from possibly 'bizarre'. That's not to say that it doesn't have its enjoyable moments, and they play well on a solid DVD.

You'll notice a slightly grainy quality to the picture at the beginning of the film, but it settles down into a bright and clear image that knocks years off this movie - despite the 70s CB radio overkill between the characters.

The 2.0 sound mix is a mono affair, but it's strong and filled with toe-tapping truckin' classics.

As with the "Cross of Iron" DVD, you'll find a small photo gallery is included on the disc, which features some interesting 'behind the scenes' shots.

Gone CB crazy? Make an eyeball with Chuck Norris and the "Breaker Breaker" DVD.

Chapters: 12
Region: 2
Ratio: 1.33:1 (fullscreen)
Sound: Dolby Digital 2.0
Extra Features: Scene selection, photo gallery, 'Origins of the SAS' notes, animated menus, production notes booklet.

End Credits

Director: Sam Peckinpah

Writer: BWL Norton

Stars: Kris Kristofferson, Ali McGraw, Ernest Borgnine, Burt Young, Franklyn Ajaye, Madge Sinclair, Brian Davies, Seymour Cassell, Cassie Yates, Walter Kely

Genre: Action

Length: 110 minutes

Cinema: 1978

DVD: 5 March 2001

Country: USA