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Shaft in Africa (1973)

"Africa's the name, Shaft's the game" proclaimed the trailer for this third instalment of the cool and funky action trilogy. After the self-indulgent "Shaft's Big Score", this film goes for adventure, and is a lot more fun as a result.

Super-dick John Shaft takes his big stick and goes undercover as an African tribesman in order to uncover a slavery racket. He's in the employ of the mysterious Cy Grant, who is also the father of the intriguing Vonetta McGee. She, like any other woman in this film, melts before the presence of Shaft as he takes on the ruthless Frank Finlay and his slavery ring of inept goons.

Shaft's trail of destruction takes him from New York to Ethiopia and finally to Paris. It's a luxurious lather of super-hip quips and cool put-downs, but the pace is fast and the action surprisingly brutal. Roundtree is by now well into his role, but adds the type of energy that was sorely missing from the previous sequel.

His romantic interests are clumsily woven into the plot but for sheer unadulterated, desperate sleaze, Neda Arneric's role as a nymphomaniac is a screaming delight. She's the type of raving, sex-addicted whore that even Paul Verhoeven might flinch at putting in a film. She doesn't faze Shaft though, who still finds the energy to get to Paris for an exciting denouement that caps this strange but enjoyable action caper.

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End Credits

Director: John Guillermin

Writer: Stirling Silliphant

Stars: Richard Roundtree, Frank Finlay, Vonetta McGee, Neda Arneric, Cy Grant, Jacques Marin

Genre: Action, Crime

Length: 112 minutes

Cinema: 1973

DVD: 5 March 2001

VHS: 5 March 2001

Country: USA

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