Reviewer's Rating 2 out of 5  
Supercop DVD (1993)

Michelle Yeoh kicks into action as "Supercop" on a fair DVD.

Many Hong Kong films have a slightly washed-out appearance in colour balance and it's reflected here in the picture transfer. While not anamorphic (a process which carries extra coding to create a more detailed picture on a widescreen TV), the picture is quite clear, if a little soft.

The 2.0 sound mix sticks to the centre speaker so don't expect much in the way of audio excitement.

The presentation of the disc is good with funky animated menus leading you to a production stills gallery and trailer. Rather naughtily labelled as an 'extra feature' is 'Inspector Chan Wears a Skirt'. Unfortunately this is no more than the one scene with Jackie Chan in the movie, extracted as a featurette.

Michelle Yeoh fans should note that this was previously released on video as "Project S" and this DVD is a slight improvement.

Chapters: 18
Region: 2
Ratio: 1.85:1
Sound: Dolby Digital 2.0
Extra Features: Scene selection, production stills gallery, cast and crew biographies and filmographies, 'Inspector Chan Wears a Skirt' featurette, trailer, animated menus.

End Credits

Director: Stanley Tong

Writer: Stanley Tong, Mok Tang Han, Sui Lai Kang

Stars: Michelle Yeoh, Yu Rong Guang, Emil Chau, Fan Siu Wong, Chu Yan, Jackie Chan

Genre: Action

Length: 94 minutes

Cinema: 1993

DVD: 19 February 2001

Country: Hong Kong