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Dude, Where's My Car? (2001)

From Cheech and Chong to "Dumb and Dumber", idiots tend to come in twos in Hollywood. So it proves in "Dude, Where's My Car?", in which two incorrigible pot-heads - Jesse (Ashton Kutcher) and Chester (Seann William Scott) - spend the day trying to piece together what they got up to the previous evening.

All they know is their car has gone AWOL, their refrigerator is bulging with pudding cups, and they have lost the anniversary presents meant for their girlfriends Wanda and Wilma (Jennifer Garner and Marla Sokoloff).

But that's only the half of it. Because they've also mislaid a device with the power to destroy the known universe, they're being chased across town by a transsexual lap-dancer, a couple of Nordic homosexuals, and a quintet of jump-suited chicks from outer space.

Critics in America were prevented by 20th Century Fox from seeing this witless comedy. Alas, reviewers on this side of the Atlantic didn't get off so lightly.

Freely mixing the anarchic fantasy of the "Bill and Ted" movies with the scatological humour of "American Pie", Danny Leiner's lame-brained travesty shoots for wacky but instead ends up being intensely irritating.

Jesse and Chester's Abbot-and-Costello-style routines (directionless duologues in which every other word is 'dude' or 'sweet') are painfully unamusing, and you would surely have to be on drugs yourself to make sense of a storyline which incorporates ostriches, tattoos, and a flatmate who urinates in flower pots.

On this evidence, the Farrelly Brothers have a lot to answer for.

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End Credits

Director: Danny Leiner

Writer: Philip Stark

Stars: Ashton Kutcher, Seann William Scott, Jennifer Garner, Marla Sokoloff, Kristy Swanson, David Herman

Genre: Comedy

Length: 82 minutes

Cinema: 8 February 2001

Country: USA

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