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Bats (2000)

The ever-busy Lou Diamond Phillips faces up to his latest leathery B-movie nemesis in "Bats". As a Texas Ranger, he's the first in line to protect his little town from attack by swarms of mutant bats gone crazy.

"I am not up to my chest in bat shit!" exclaims Phillips. No, Lou baby, that's the script you're wading through, and what a cornball effort it is too. Every vicious raid by the nasty bats is met by a tirade of clichés from the assorted cast including Dina Meyer as a scientific boffin, who also happens to be a babe.

Along for the ride is the mad scientist who created the low budget critters and Meyer's reluctant assistant. The fate of America soon rests in their hands, as the incompetent military decide what to do.

While this all amounts to one hokey adventure, this minor B-movie does at least have the virtue of being mildly entertaining. The sequence of events is predictable and the dialogue a riot of nonsense, but the limited budget is put to good use and the pace is fast.

The overall style is reminiscent of the many horror videos that used to lurk in your local rental stores during the 80s. "Tremors" this isn't, but you might be surprised at the tension that pervades this enjoyably cheesy movie.

End Credits

Director: Louis Morneau

Writer: John Logan

Stars: Lou Diamond Phillips, Dina Meyer, Bob Gunton, Léon , Carlos Jacott, David McConnell

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Length: 91 minutes

Cinema: 2000

DVD: 11 December 2000

Country: US

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