Arnold Schwarzenegger

The 6th Day

Interviewed by Anwar Brett

On screen Arnold Schwarzenegger reigns supreme, able to defeat any foe whether it be man, machine, or beast. But in real life some things leave him nonplussed, not least advances in technology that seem to be harder to grasp as time goes on.

It’s ironic as he is someone who has, in his movies, often suffered in the name of science. In "The 6th Day", he even finds himself cloned, and off-screen is - appropriately - in two minds about the whole issue of new technology and scientific advance.

"I love what science brings," he explains with a grin, "I’m not worried about it like some people are. I’m not worried about cloning, I think if it’s in the right hands it could be fantastic and could be great for society. But if it’s in the wrong hands, like we show in the movie, it could be terrible".

"At the same time I’m not as comfortable with the Internet and with computers. There are people in my office doing that sort of thing, but I have no patience to get involved in it. I like to take my own notes, and work out the mathematical problems in my own head and keep that stimulated rather than letting a machine do it all. Of course my kids know everything about computers and stuff, they’re like: "No daddy, not like that - where have you been? This is the way you do it." It’s nice when you have kids who are really advanced in those things".

Arnold Schwarzenegger talks to Jonathan Ross

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