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The Snowman (1982)

Midnight one Christmas Eve, and a young boy finds that the snowman he built that day has magically come to life. The Snowman takes him on a magical journey, flying across countries and to the North Pole to meet Father Christmas.

Raymond Briggs' picture book is irresistibly brought to life in this wordless, animated tale. Probably best known for the soundtrack (which features "Walking in the Air" sung by Aled Jones) this charming film avoids the over-sentimentality which could have spoilt it and touches the heart in a delightful way. The music perfectly complements the animation, especially during the flying scenes where the landscape unfolds in rolling images like waves. This is animation for all ages and nationalities, not only because it has no dialogue, but also because it carries an underlying message about life and love - and it also features a great old-fashioned Father Christmas.

The content of the film is poignant and has a bittersweet ending which could be upsetting to some young children. In this capacity it is more of an adult film than children's animation, as adults have the ability to look back and understand what the film is saying and what is lost. But for children it will simply be a magical tale of excitement and friendship. In a day and age where most children's entertainment seems to revolve around violence, this is a truly charming and heartwarming short film.

End Credits

Director: Dianne Jackson

Writer: Raymond Briggs

Stars: Peter Auty

Genre: Animation, Family

Length: 26 minutes

Cinema: 1982

Country: UK

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