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Urban Legends: Final Cut (2000)

Let's hope that the title of this film, "Urban Legends: Final Cut", lives up to its word and that the post-"Scream" genre is put out of its misery for good. Just as "Urban Legend" was a hand-me-down version of "Scream", so this new offering keeps the mediocrity alive as it unleashes yet more unsavoury nonsense revolving around - wait for it - film students whose graduation films - wait for it again - reflect the horrible reality unfolding around them. Well I'll be darned.

Stuffed with the usual alluring bimbos who are fodder for a particularly gruesome killer, "Urban Legends: Final Cut" lets the first victim have her head sliced off by a descending window, and her kidney fed to a dog. This, from the way it is edited, is meant to be achingly funny. Just as nauseating as the dopey students, gallons of blood, and spare kidneys are the tedious in-jokes: an in-your-face reference to "Peeping Tom", like the self-conscious winks towards other established films, is not funny just because it's there. Don't the dolts who write this stuff realise that these knowing moments have to have comic substance?

Neither do they realise that the keen young student - notionally the cleverest of all the characters - doesn't twig that a friend who goes missing and abruptly reappears, claiming to be the twin brother, is in fact the missing friend! Mind you, this is the kind of intelligent enterprise where we can identify film teachers just because they sport fetching berets and bury themselves deep inside thick woolly scarves.

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End Credits

Director: John Ottman

Writer: Paul Harris Boardman, Scott Derrickson

Stars: Jennifer Morrison, Matt Davis, Joseph Lawrence, Anson Mount, Anthony Anderson, Eva Mendes, Jessica Cauffiel

Genre: Horror, Comedy

Length: 98 minutes

Cinema: 1 December 2000

Country: USA

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