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The Skulls (2000)

If there was an Oscar for the Silliest Movie Category, then "The Skulls" might be in with a good chance of winning. Not to say that it isn't any good, though one can only hope that the whole thing was done with tongue firmly in cheek.

"Dawson's Creek" star Joshua Jackson plays Luke McNamara, a hard-working, decent college chap struggling to pay the mammoth bills for his course. Help appears to arrive in the shape of The Skulls - a country-wide secret society that promises to pay your way and help your career, provided you abide by the clandestine rules.

Despite warnings from his best mate and ladyfriend (Hill Harper and Leslie Bibb respectively) Luke signs up and is paired with blueblood Caleb (Walker).

Unfortunately, while everything starts out fine and dandy - as these things tend to do - the wannabe-Masons soon prove themselves to be awkward customers and before you can say 'never join a club where you're met at the door by men in big, black cloaks', Luke finds himself caught up in a potentially life-threatening murder mystery.

Rattling along at the rate of knots, the movie is incredibly po-faced, which often makes for some good, unintentional laughs. The pretty, young cast is fine, Jackson executes his first big-screen lead with vim, and there's good support from other TV alumni.

However, despite raising a couple of thought provoking questions about how corrupt and self-serving America's higher echelons of business are (no real surprise there), probably the best way to see "The Skulls" is on video, accompanied by a pizza and a couple of drinks.

The young "Creek" fans among you will no doubt appreciate Jackson spending a disproportionate amount of time in a skin-tight Lycra rowing suit.

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End Credits

Director: Rob Cohen

Writer: John Pogue

Stars: Joshua Jackson, Paul Walker, Leslie Bibb, William Petersen, Hill Harper

Genre: Thriller

Length: 106 minutes

Cinema: 24 November 2000

Country: USA

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