Gillian Anderson - House of Mirth

House of Mirth

Interviewed by Jonathan Ross

How do you think X Files fans will accept your departure?

I'm hoping that they're completely able to suspend their disbelief and,of course, I'm hoping that they just see me as Lily Bart. I have a constant paranoia, especially after living with Scully for so many years, of anything that I do as another character that reminds me even subtly of Scully, I just get these chills up my spine. I think "No, we have to go give this to another take, I can't!" So I'm hyper sensitive to it. So far with the few films that I've done the characters have been different than Scully and people seem to have accepted that ok.

"House of Mirth"'s set in the 1900s in New York's high society, does it have a relevance today?

Well I think that even today our high society is big business, and it's more extravagant, and the issue of power and influence is greater than it ever has been in history, and the challenge that Lily ultimately has in the movie is choosing between that of the comparable big business and choosing a simpler life. And I think that we all have that choice. We all can choose to keep it simple and not be focussed on material things and on money and power and I think it's very relevant and there are a lot of lessons to be learned.

Gillian Anderson on working with Eric Stolz and Dan Ackroyd.