Film 2000 CD

Film 2000 with Jonathan Ross is proud - nay, chuffed - to announce the arrival of our very own bouncing, double CD, 41-track, enhanced CD-ROM soundtrack compilation.

Entitled, with blinding inspiration, "Film 2000 with Jonathan Ross" and subtitled, with just a little more thought, "Cult movie classics from the Film 2000 vaults", it's available in the shops now (BBC / Virgin VTDCD 328). It kicks off with our theme tune and continues with the following...


1. Billy Taylor Trio: "I Wish I Knew (How It Felt To Be Free)".
2. Henry Mancini: "Touch of Evil". ("Touch of Evil").
3. John Barry: "The Ipcress File". ("The Ipcress File").
4. Shirley Bassey: "Goldfinger". ("Goldfinger").
5. Kay Starr: "Wheel of Fortune". ("LA Confidential").
6. Nancy Sinatra: "You Only Live Twice". ("You Only Live Twice").
7. John Barry: "On Her Majesty's Secret Service". ("On Her Majesty's Secret Service").
8. Dean Martin: "Ain't That a Kick in the Head". ("Out of Sight").
9. Miles Davis: "Nature Boy". ("The Talented Mr Ripley").
10. Noel Harrison: "Windmills of Your Mind". ("The Thomas Crown Affair").
11. Nilsson: "Everybody's Talkin' ". ("Midnight Cowboy").
12. BJ Thomas: "Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head". ("Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid").
13. Tony Bennett: "Rags to Riches". ("Goodfellas").
14. Chuck Berry: "You Never Can Tell". ("Pulp Fiction").
15. Wilson Pickett: "Land of a 1,000 Dances". ("The Full Monty").
16. Booker T & The MGs: "Green Onions". ("Get Shorty").
17. The Staples Singers: "I'll Take You There". ("Casino").
18. Bernard Herrmann: "Taxi Driver". ("Taxi Driver").
19. Marvin Gaye: "Trouble Man". ("Trouble Man", "Se7en").
20. The Delfonics: "Didn't I Blow Your Mind?". ("Jackie Brown").
21. Isaac Hayes: "Theme from Shaft". ("Shaft").
22. Lalo Schifrin: "Bullitt". ("Bullitt").
Plus: enhanced CD-ROM track - Alessandro Alessandroni performing Ennio Morricone's "A Fistful of Dollars" (Theme).


1. Ennio Morricone: "Paying Off Scores". ("For a Few Dollars More").
2. Curtis Mayfield: "Superfly". ("Superfly").
3. Lalo Schifrin: "Theme from Enter the Dragon". ("Enter the Dragon").
4. James Brown: "The Payback". ("Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels").
5. Bill Withers: "Use Me". ("American Beauty").
6. Cheryl Lynn: "Got to be Real". ("The Last Days Of Disco").
7. Commodores: "Machine Gun". ("Boogie Nights").
8. The Specials: "Ghost Town". ("Snatch").
9. Supergrass: "Moving". ("East Is East").
10. Elvis Costello and the Attractions: "Shipbuilding". ("High Fidelity").
11. Eric Weissberg and Steve Mandell: "Duelling Banjos". ("Deliverance").
12. Steppenwolf: "The Pusher". ("Easy Rider").
13. The La's: "There She Goes". ("Fever Pitch").
14. Massive Attack: "Safe from Harm" (Perfecto remix). ("The Insider").
15. Rob D: "Clubbed to Death". ("The Matrix").
16. Moby: "Porcelain". ("The Beach").
17. Air (with Gordon Tracks): "Playground Love". ("The Virgin Suicides").
Plus: enhanced CD-ROM track - Ryuichi Sakamoto performing "Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence" (Theme).

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