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Road Trip (2000)

Just as "Me, Myself & Irene" ensnared Jim Carrey in a web of political correctness, leaving him exclaiming earnestly to the press that, no, he wasn't hooting with laughter at schizophrenia, so the cast and director of "Road Trip" have been mauled by a small, but loud, lobby in America. "Road Trip" is meant to be setting a ghastly example to the nation's youth, to be sexist, anti-black, anti-morals, in fact anti-everything decent.

What it is, in fact, is a highly amusing romp of a road movie which has fun with all manner of targets, but always in a spirit of affectionate glee. It is hard to dislike unless, of course, you haven't seen it and ring up the papers to complain anyway. Entirely free of the phoney encounters and forced eccentricity of most road films, "Road Trip" owes much to its director Todd Phillips, whose documentary "Frat House" makes clear that he has more than an inkling of what makes youth tick. Indeed in America "Frat House" is at the moment unreleasable because the rich white parents of the youngsters on screen have objected - legally.

Phillips also knows when to end his best scenes, thus leaving the audience on a comic high, which he does time and again as a gang of young idiots hits the road, the impetus for which is due to one of them - seized by panic - being desperate to stop a video of his naked antics from reaching his girlfriend. Naturally she lives halfway across America. Sharply-defined characters and smart dialogue are wrapped in wonderfully dotty situations, yet never lose their grounding in the insecurity, cruelty and absurdity of youth. The film's overseer, comic giant Ivan Reitman ("Ghostbusters", "Twins" and "Dave" among others), probably came up with just the odd suggestion.

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End Credits

Director: Todd Phillips

Writer: Todd Phillips, Scot Armstrong

Stars: Breckin Meyer, Seann William Scott, Amy Smart, Paulo Constanzo, DJ Qualls, Rachel Blanchard, Anthony Rapp, Fred Ward, Tom Green

Genre: Comedy

Length: 94 minutes

Cinema: 13 October 2000

Country: USA

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