Janet Jackson on Acting

Nutty Professor II: The Klumps

Interviewed by Film 2000 with Jonathan Ross

What made you return to movia-making?

I never stopped receiving scripts after "Poetic Justice". A great deal of the scripts were either similar to the film or, like "Justice", the character and I wanted to do something different. So when this came along I jumped at the chance. I never stopped looking.

How did you find acting opposite a special effect most of the time?

That or an X or a tennis ball. But when Eddie was actually in character he made it so easy for me because he brought each and every character to life.

What is it in this movie that makes it so funny?

It's Eddie, it's the characters. Aside from the writing he just knows how to bring them to life and make each character their own person. He's amazing.

Was it fun recording the music video for this film?

It was fun and stressful at times. One of the dancers who's danced with me for a while actually had to catch a flight, so we were racing against the clock to get everything that we needed done. So it got a little stressful toward the end but we did it.

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