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Barbarella (1968)

There must have been many a man back in 1968 who would have had himself frozen and re-awoken in the 41st century so that he might meet Barbarella (Jane Fonda). Sadly for mankind he will have to do with the bizarre and garish trip-inducing movie of the naughty comic strip by Jean-Claude Forest.

As with many movie glimpses into the future we can look forward to losing all fashion sense and embracing synthetic fibres with a vengeance. Still, they must work well as when Barbarella crash lands on an ice planet to begin her mission she's hardly wearing a single stitch. And not even one goose pimple shows on the body that was invented for fitness tapes.

Still, she's got more pressing concerns as she's lashed-up by some alien scamps who set their nasty razor-toothed dolls upon the wide-eyed Fonda. The poor thing is only there to track down the evil Durand Durand who has procured a monstrous 'positronic' weapon. With peace at threat, Fonda is forced to battle through an incredible amount of indignities on increasingly fur-lined planets.

Various alien men take a keen interest in Fonda, especially when they discover her fun-loving nature. Even when the mad Durand Durand is trying to kill her in his 'Excessive' machine she only purrs with delight. The harder he drives it, the greater the pinnacles of intergalactic ecstasy she reaches until the device is left a smouldering wreck.

But these are only snatches of a nutty film that boasts at times beautiful photography of some cheap but truly epic sets of PVC and everything that clings.

The story line is buried under a team of scriptwriters who were clearly trying to outdo each other with naughty situations that Fonda could writhe out of. Indeed the film can at times become tedious - until Fonda bats those eyelids, squeezes into a smaller outfit and straddles another moment of sexual peril.

There's a lot more of "Barbarella" in widescreen on the new DVD release.

End Credits

Director: Roger Vadim

Writer: Vittorio Bonicelli, Roger Vadim, Claude Brulé

Stars: Jane Fonda, John Phillip Law, David Hemmings, Milo O'Shea, Ugo Tognazzi, Anita Pallenberg, Marcel Marceau, Claude Dauphin, Antonio Sabato, Véronique Vendell, Serge Marquand

Genre: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Classic

Country: France