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There is a time-honoured tradition of video companies sneaking out releases of inferior films of a star currently riding high at the box office. New and old fans of Jackie Chan, high after seeing the fun "Shanghai Noon" may be well tempted to pick-up this new release. Don't.

Jackie has made a lot of films of varying quality but it's hard to remember one quite as flimsy and boring as the silly "Gorgeous". What seems even more ridiculous is that this Hong Kong film was made last year, after Chan had completed the Hollywood smash "Rush Hour".

The plot concerns the admittedly delectable Shu Qi who plays Bu, a young woman who finds a message in a bottle. It's signed 'Albert' and she decides to travel to Hong Kong to track him down. But in the process of finding Albert (Tony Leung) she meets Jackie and falls for his considerable charms instead. Unfortunately Jackie doesn't have a lot of time for love as his corporate enemy has sent a martial arts champion to destroy him.

Ridiculous plots like this can occasionally be salvaged by comedy, but comedy is often excruciatingly badly handled in Hong Kong films, and "Gorgeous" is an excellent example of this. Added to that is an unrelentingly annoying musical score and dubbing that's inexcusably bad. The few action sequences in this film are merely padding and executed with none of the usual Jackie Chan verve or wit. Even the out-takes during the end credits are rubbish, which gives you some indication of how poor this film is.

You'd be far better off renting the excellent "Who Am I?" also from Columbia TriStar.

End Credits

Director: Vincent Kok

Writer: Vincent Kok, Jackie Chan, Andy Law

Stars: Jackie Chan, Shu Qi, Tony Leung, Emil Chau, Richie Ren

Genre: Comedy


Country: Hong Kong