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Fortress 2 (2000)

In space no one needs a screenplay. Or so you might think judging by the random grab bag of action clichés that is "Fortress 2".

Any celebrations that Christopher Lambert might have had after escaping from the prison in the first film are soon put on ice, when he's recaptured once again by the evil Men-Tel Corporation. They're somewhat peeved after he destroyed their showpiece clink and it becomes the mission of new governor Patrick Malahide to make Lambo pay.

Sticking him into an orbiting pokey in space is a good start and it allows the film's Luxembourg-based producers to play with the $10m budget they clearly didn't have on their last film "New World Disorder". That disastrous Rutger Hauer thriller was a prime example of terrible film making and compared to it "Fortress 2" is a definite improvement. And while it may lack the grand set of the "Fortress" (originally intended for Schwarzenneger) it does boast some reasonable CGI effects and is slightly more entertaining in a cheap kind of way.

However any tricks that director Geoff Murphy might have learned from "Under Siege 2" are obviously lost on this movie as various moments of action are ruined by poor camera angles and clumsy editing. Lambert doesn't help much either with a very uninspiring performance. Patrick Malahide provides a few laughs as a slightly camp governor and Pam Grier puts in a token cameo but none of it is enough to save a film that sorely lacks energy.

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End Credits

Director: Geoff Murphy

Writer: John Flock, Peter Doyle

Stars: Christopher Lambert, Beth Toussaint, Willie Garson, Patrick Malahide, Pam Grier

Genre: Science Fiction

Length: 92 minutes

Cinema: 21 July 2000

DVD: 19 Febraury 2001

Country: Luxembourg

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