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Jaws - The Revenge (1987)

With the mighty powers of cheap 3-D effects having failed to revive the Jaws franchise, the producers turned to a decidedly one-dimensional Michael Caine. He effectively 'guest stars' in this fourth instalment that while poor is notable for its incredibly poor ending.

The film opens with the "Jaws" theme, played almost in its entirety in a desperate 'selling the family silver' attempt to excite the viewer. Within the first ten minutes the shark has a victim who turns out to be none other than the son of Lorraine Gary from the first two movies. Hubby Roy Scheider has passed away from a coronary (possibly script-induced) so Lorraine decides to spend some time with her last remaining son down in the Bahamas.

Despite the amorous attentions of Mr Caine, Lorraine can't shake off the feeling that the sharp toothed one is about. It isn't until a child-covered inflatable banana is attacked that Lorraine has her deepest fears confirmed.

Meanwhile, the viewer has had plenty of time to view the clearly budget-hit shark. It generates a couple of good shock moments including chasing Lance into a sunken boat. But in between there are only long yawning gaps of tepid dialogue spiced with some nice shots of the Bahamas to watch.

The big stand-off comes about after Lorraine decides to go and mow the shark down in an old boat. Up until now most of the film has been forgivable but this goodwill is completely wiped out by the astoundingly cheap conclusion. The only jaws to watch out for in this film are yours, hitting the floor.

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End Credits

Director: Joseph Sargent

Writer: Michael De Guzman

Stars: Michael Caine, Lance Guest, Mario Van Peebles, Lorraine Gary, Karen Young, Udith Barsi

Genre: Thriller

Length: 89 minutes

Cinema: 1987

DVD: 19 June 2000

Country: USA

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