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Jaws 3 (aka Jaws 3-D) (1983)

With the small town of Amity clearly off the recommended list of Great White shark dining haunts, our irritable, finned friend heads for a bigger feed elsewhere.

The underwater Sea World Park in Florida clearly looks tasty with such delectables as Bess Armstrong and Lea Thompson on the menu. 'The Special' for this feast though is Dennis Quaid, who plays the son of Schieder's police chief character from the first two films.

With the tenuous connection established, its back into the water only this time the whole soggy spectacle is in 3-D. Unfortunately this laughably poor process slows down the whole film to allow the audience to react to the effects. A severed arm, a yellow submarine, a crossbow, and a water-skiing tower of ladies all 'come at ya' in 3-D but it's not very effective and after a while all you can think of is the mighty headache you're developing from wearing the glasses.

With all this failing technology commanding centre stage, no one clearly had time enough to write a decent script or to create any palpable tension. The shark gets more time on screen than before only it's not a wise decision, as it remarkably looks cheaper than in the last film.

"Jaws 3" is still marginally entertaining and the 3-D process works on video as long as you can get hold of some glasses. The two great 3-D moments to watch out for are the slowly exploding shark and the producer's credit which is much bigger than any other in the title sequence.

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End Credits

Director: Joe Alves

Writer: Carl Gottlieb, Richard Matheson

Stars: Dennis Quaid, Bess Armstrong, Simon MacCorkindale, Louis Gossett Jr, John Putch, Lea Thompson

Genre: Thriller

Length: 97 minutes

Cinema: 1983

VHS: 19 June 2000

Country: USA

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