Guy Ritchie - Snatch

Obviously it’s an unknown quantity for viewers at this stage [but] what’s your back of an envelope synopsis of the story?

Well I’m not aiming to tell you what the story is about. I tried that several times in "Lock, Stock..." But it’s really about characters. I mean, it’s in the same vein as "Lock, Stock..." and I just felt that genre had another film in it... So it’s really about characters and sub cultures again. About gypsies and things that I couldn’t squeeze in the last one, I stuck in on this one.

And tell me what it is about, the gangster thing, the geezer thing that very much permeated "Lock, Stock..." and sounds like it permeates this. What is it that draws you into that?

Well, initially because it was a market which I thought had not been exploited. So I wanted to go in there and exploit it (laughs). And you know... it sort of lent itself to my sort of personality at the time.

Does Madonna ever come and see rushes, are you both film people?

Oh, yes, she’s brilliant for films. Yes, she’s been very involved in throwing her two bob in one way or the other, and I ask her opinions. Yes, she’s very interested in films.

I know that certainly in "Lock, Stock..." her company took the soundtrack in the States. Is there any business relationship in this movie or not?

I’m putting a Madonna song in this one actually. Not one of her more contemporary ones. It’s "Lucky Star" or something like that. I think it’s called "Lucky Star"? It is, yes, "Lucky Star". Yes, I’m sticking that in... good song that.

"Snatch" opens nationwide in September.

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