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Three to Tango (2000)

Many people would rather the cast of the world's prettiest sitcom remained on the small screen. There's no doubt that Matthew Perry, aka Chandler of those most delightful "Friends" is the most comedically gifted of the sextet, but even he has had paltry success in the movies.

So it's nice to see him in a genuinely amusing film like "Three To Tango", which exploits all the facets of his ability from tripping over, to quick quips, to a so far untapped resource of authentic romantic charisma.

Perry is Oscar, an architect who, with his business partner Peter (Platt), is hoping to score a major contract from sleazy tycoon McDermott. When McDermott gets it into his head that Oscar is gay (which he isn't), he sets him a task to look after McDermott's mistress Amy (Campbell). Desperate not to let him down, Oscar continues the charade, but finds it increasingly difficult as he begins to fall for the vivacious girl.

It's a neat setup that provides the basis for some thoroughly entertaining gags. Aided by a first-class support team (particularly Platt and Campbell, who has never looked so enticing), Perry more than holds his own and is both an engaging and comic hero.

It's a pity more isn't made of the relationship with his hilarious mates, but still, this is an unassuming, jolly and consistently funny hour and a half.

End Credits

Director: Damon Santostefano

Writer: Rodney Vaccaro, Aline Brosh McKenna

Stars: Matthew Perry, Neve Campbell, Dylan McDermott, Oliver Platt

Genre: Comedy

Length: 98 minutes

Cinema: 30 June 2000

Country: US

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