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Well...where to start! hehe. I'm currently a student in my final year at Leeds College of Music, studying for a BA hons in Music Production. I've been into music ever since i was a little kid (aint it always the way :oP), and it's just grown formone area to another as I learn new things. Initially I wanted to be a music teacher, then work as a producer for the music industry, the as an engineer and now as a composer for film and TV, with the odd dabbling in Apple computer repairs (I hope ot become officially recognised as a technician soon).

Project Development

I'm currently writing some original music for a production of 'The Vagina Monologues', and working as a studio engineer with a fellow producer on an independant demo EP.


Whoa...endless list :oP I guess David Lowe has to be up there as an influence, the sheer diversity of music he's written over his career, and simply coz he seems such a cool guy! I'm hugely inspired by the work of Thomas Newman and John Cage, to name a few, but am always looking out for new and original ideas from which to draw influence, but also bearing in mind my own individual path that I should create too.

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