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Paul Lord



I Have worked as a professional composer since 2003.
Initially scoring for Theatre productions and local Artists, i have since scored music for many Films, Animations the Corporate Sector and wider Media Communications Industry. I've contributed music to several award winning productions and have had works reviewed by some of the industries top music press and innovators.

I began my musical journey at the age of 7, starting on piano before moving to the guitar and later other instruments in my mid teens.
I started scoring music for films and theatre at the nearby college in Derby (SEDC) and went on to major in writing music for film at Sheffield University. Further Engineering studies followed a 2:1 Music Degree at the Renowned ‘Confetti’ Recording Studios in Nottingham.

Musically, I'm adaptable, versatile & at times a flamboyant composer, with a solid musical knowledge in many different musical idioms.


Big fan of Independant Films, as well as Classic Composers & Directors like - Hermann/Hitchock, Williams/Spielberg, Morricone/Leone, Elmer Bernstein, Max Steiner.

Please visit my website for full Industry Credits List

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