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We are a creative team, and couple, Karni Saul. Saul is originally an animator/director, and Karni a photographer/director.
we are currently based in bristol.
we started working together in 2004 ,after the video department at virgin records saw potential in some 10 sec films we made for . The films were based round the idea of flip book animation…and were made from stills and shown in a loop. So the films were a natural evolution from our individual occupation …bringing photography to movement or the other way around.
We started from very little snippets and developed into the three minute music video/film “AM�.
We see Our films like little stories, short cuts around a certain narrative.
Framing, beauty, crops, lighting are all very important to us.
we are very influenced by photography, and by cinema as well. I guess we are somewhere in-between.
We like to call our work “breathing stills�.
We are represented by rokkit in London,skunk in the u.s. and passion-paris in france.our films have been showcased at antenna,mirrorball,raindance,onedotzero,bristol animated encounters,anima,soho shorts,annecy.and have also been in shots magazine,promo magazine,stash...
Our films/music videos include:
AM film (mike fellows)
Beneath the rose film (micah p hinson)
And then patterns film (fourtet)
between the minds (jack savoretti)
shopping trolley (beth orton)
dream song (scott mathews)
something in my eye (turin brakes)
digital radio bbc commercials (fallon)
the red suitcase short animated film (channel 4)
nokia stingray worldwide commercial (w k)
sneeze ident(channel 5)
casualty promo (bbc/red)
float (flogging molly)
over the hill (alessi)

Project Development

working on a short film...


some of the things we love:
woody allen
gasman by lynn ramsay
raymond carvers short stories
pina bausch dance
orlando by sally potter
tom waits
gregory crewdsons photographs
leonora carrington
cowboys animation phill malloy
edward gorey
francis bacon
watership down
our son

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