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This is A.D., a 26-year old filmmaker currently studying for a MA in Filmmaking at Kingston University. A.D. was born in 1981 in Alexandria, Egypt but has spent most of his life throughout the world, going from Dubai to Luxembourg. Filmmaking was always one of his biggest hobbies but he never knew that it could become part of his life. Where he grew up in Luxembourg, being a filmmaker isn't very common because most people there work in banking or for the State. A.D. was different because he always wanted to do what he really loves, films. It has all started at the age of 12 when he experienced with his father's VHS camera and using his 5 younger siblings as actors.

Project Development

I'm currently in development of a few projects including "Faces of the Slave Trade" a short documentary commenting if the legacy of slavery is still around focusing mainly on people from West Indian origins.


I love films which have a very strong story and characters, no matter what genre it is.

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