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How to Get Wimbledon Tickets:

Getting tickets to the greatest tennis tournament of all time is a prize in and of itself. Unfortunately for some people, getting their hands on Wimbledon tickets is quite a difficult task. Traditional means of finding these highly sought after tickets are becoming increasingly obsolete as the digital age takes over. However, this does give the avid tennis fan a lot more options when it comes to snatching up some of those coveted tickets to the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament. Below are the top three ways to get the job done:

Find an Authorized Seller:

As a Wimbledon ticket seeker you should be aware that the AELTC does not recognize any ticket agency other than Ticketmaster as their official agent. You may be lucky enough able to find acceptable passes via some websites such as and, but you will want to make sure they come from valid agents. If you are in doubt about whether or not your Wimbledon tickets are legit, contact the AELTC ticket office as soon as possible and a knowledgeable agent will address your concerns.

Join the Queue:

You can always do what some diehard tennis fans do – you can simply camp out at the queue in London on the day of the tournament and cross your fingers that there are some tickets left. If you decide that this is your plan, then make sure you get over to the Gate 3 turnstiles as soon as possible so you can get a good spot in line. Overnight camping is always possible though, and there are lots of stewards and police on the scene to offer you protection. However, some Wimbledon fans might find this method to be a just tad bit too risky for their tastes; so luckily there are other means through which they can acquire their tickets.

Check out the Hospitality Packages:

If you want to make your visit to the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament extra special you could consider a hospitality package. These convenient kits include Wimbledon tickets as well as comfortable hotel accommodations in the heart of London. Planning a trip to see the big game has never been easier; and you can turn the event into a vacation when you do it this way. To find out more about hospitality packages or to discover the appropriate contact information for the hosts, you can easily visit the official Wimbledon site.

Getting tickets the traditional way may still work for some people, but using your resources to get what you want out of life is the mark of a genius. You do not have to miss out on the tournament just because you could not figure out how to find valid Wimbledon tickets. In the age of information, there are few things that cannot be discovered.



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I'm currently working on a project based on the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament and the lengths people will go to in order to get those precious Wimbledon Final tickets.

Meeting lots of interesting people from all corners of the world all sharing an obsession for Wimbledon and its grand history.


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