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I am a freelance Lighting Cameraman, Editor and DOP and now director, of fifteen years experience. My recent work has been mainly lots of TV commercials, both regional and national as a DOP, Cameraman and Editor. I film football etc for Sky,BBC and BT at the weekend. I can Supply Red Epic kit or Canon 5DMKIII kit amongst others. I have Lights, radio mic, rifle mic, a slider and a flycam. I have a Canon 550D to give a two camera shoot.

My experience also includes promos, music videos, live events, lifestyle, corporate, docs and drama. I have used most digital formats especially Arri Alexa, Red One, Red Epic, Canon C300, X305 Sony F3, EX, XDCAM and DSLRs.

I have produced dozens of TV ads from script to screen including all post production including FCP, Premier Pro, After Effects, grading and sound mixing. I am used to meeting the technical requirements of broadcast compliance and working within tight deadlines. I have also directed numerous TV ads. I write, and have come up with the creative for several campaigns and a feature which I wrote and produced myself.

My showreel, Bio and equipment can be seen at

The feature I wrote and shot is called "My Name is Nobody" which is currently being distributed by a company in Hollywood. The trailer for which can be viewed at

Recently I wrote and shot a short film called Signs and Wonders,

I am used to being sent off with a minimal crew and taking charge of all aspects of production to obtain the best possible rushes.

I would describe myself as friendly and professional with a good sense of humour with an equal measure of artistry and technical craft.

Due to a change in circumstances I am now keen to offer my services to wider range of clients.

Best Wishes



To create memorable, exceptional work

To create the sort of factual programmes I like to watch

To create features

To shoot a movie in America

Project Development

Whilst continuing with my freelance activities in sport and advertising I want to diversify into music videos, drama and documentary.

I created Signs and Wonders as a showcase for my talents as a creative in terms of ideas and realising them in a compelling way.

Signs and Wonders was not written in the traditional sense. It is collection of impulses sent to me and noted down over a two year period. From those notes a story seemed to emerge and from that a script was written.

It was shot in 7 days by myself with occasional help from kind friends and work colleagues and of course Ralf Nieder who kindly came over from Munich to play the lead. The editing was done by myself on a macbook pro using FCP and After Effects. The music was originally meant to be a stand-in until I could get some original score commissioned, but in the end I thought 'what's the point?, this music is perfect and what I would use in an ideal world if I wasn't frightened of getting my arse sued off…So I am taking a chance the artists won't mind and realise it is the most sincerest form of flattery…Scorsese did it in Mean Streets after all…and I got no money anyway


David Lynch, Werner Herzog, Alan Moore, Paul Schrader, Scorsese, john Schlesinger, Alan J Pakula, Gordon Willis, Vilmos Zsigmond, Sergio Leone, Ennio Morricone, The punk movement, Joy Division, The Smiths, Nikos Kazantstakis, Dostoevsky, Dickens and Shakespeare

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