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Darren Miller



Member of GBCT (Guild of British Camera Technicians) Ex Board Member
Member of ACO (Association of Camera Operators)
Member of BECTU

Camera Operator on prolific TV drama, documentaries and commercials for the main broadcasters.
2nd Unit DOP/Operator on many stunt and action sequences on Films and Drama


To produce my own documentary material about the interesting subject matter that seems to escape the TV schedules these days.

To write and Direct a short film.

To have my own feature film idea come to fruition.

Project Development

The Passions of Sir David Jason. A rare insight into the things that make Mr Jason tick.

Busking It. A story from the streets that discovers real raw talent.


I'm moved by everyday stories about people in real situations. I read a lot of autobiography. The events of 911 and subsequent investigations, made me realise just how the world can be duped.

I love the films that Sam Mendes directs and Thomas Newman's film scores.

The lighting techniques of the Late Conrad Hall ASC.

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