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Harry Kirby is a young and enthusiastic music composer, who is vastly knowledgeable in many music genres, ranging from ‘classical’ music types, to jazz, pop, rock, and soul. Harry was awarded his Master of Arts degree from the University of Bristol (aged 21) in 2012 after completing the University's prestigious MAFTV course (composition of music for film and television). Harry began his music training prior to leaving Highschool - attending the British Institute of Modern Music. This is where Harry learned from leading industry experts. At BIMM Harry gained a thorough understanding in music production, music theory and history, and the practice of music business. BIMM provided a solid foundation in the reality of being a musician, and also gave a comprehensive academic ruling (validated and awarded by the University of Sussex). During his MA, Harry worked closely with various film directors, documentary makers, and theatrical directors and writers. This experience helped Harry ‘find his voice’ as a composer, and helped gain an unparalleled understanding of the craft of the film score. Harry has composed numerous short film scores, documentary underscores, as well as music for theatre arts. Harry also won first prize in 'photographer of the year' music composer competition - in association with National History Museum and National Geographic.

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