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Andrew Amphlett



Hi!My name is Andrew and i'm very simlply passionate about films. I hope within the future I can to work in the Film and Media industry producing different range skills to produce work to expand my personal portfolio. I would like to do this working as part of a crew behind the scenes. I am excited by the challenge of working in a variety of media.

Project Development

I've leaning a range of skills which has developed over the past three years, filming on location I’ve collaborated with other members in a group to produce a number of short films. One of the aspects I’ve enjoyed most is the teamwork, working with like-minded people, sharing creative ideas and developed them through practice I also work well on individual tasks example: when editing footage using Final Cut Express (this I particularly enjoyed).


During my research I have come across scripts and film reviews, from sites like Empire or Total Film which have inspired me to write my own reviews.
Writing reviews in my spare time helps me improve my writing skills and also great in getting feedback or a discussion from a Film/Media audience.
I have created a group page Facebook, blogger page and youtube channel called “Media World – Film, Game & TV” this allowed me to reach out to like-minded people and share some experience with Media/Film based work or just talking about different opinions about the topic.

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