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It was always my dream to make films from when I was little sat in front of the television watching classic Walt Disney films. I always enjoyed getting my parents old tape recorder shooting random junk around the house and it wasn't until I was fourteen that I recieved my first video capturing camera and started to create short films and trailers of sports. After two years of creating these films of sport I started studying at college, it was there that I realised my full intentions to become a Film Director and create some of the most imaginative, gripping films seen so far. I now not just watch films, but I analyse them. Constantly looking and studying the new and most powerful techniques used in films today. My inspiration of directors comes mainly from the most famous, with their iconic films and outstanding abilities to create such gripping visual storylines. Tim Burton, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, James Cameron, Peter Jackson, Christopher Nolan and Ridley Scott being some of my top directors if I were to catergorise them. My favourite genre of film is and will always be Fantasy. Alice in Wonderland (2010), Lord of the Rings (Trilogy) and The Shawshank Redemption to name but a few of my favourite films. I want people to notice my imaginative films that i direct and create so I can gain work and achieve my goal.


My own major film company that is number 1, but first directing/writing huge blockbuster movies, or editing them.

Project Development

I am actually under production for 3 short films that all have significant meanings within them.


Peter Jackson is a massive influence, directing three films at the same time for 8 years shows true dedication to something that he loves doing.
Tim Burton was the first director to catch my eye as I began to start making my own ultra short 20 seconders. He really got me into film-making after I read of him never backing down to anyone to his style of films.

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