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David Ben Shannon



I'm an award-winning and critically acclaimed composer for film, theatre and media. My recent film credits include the award-winning documentary MY BIG BREAK and 180 for Easy Water Films. Recent shorts include THE STALKED and JUMPERS. Non-film work includes the UK revivals of Liz Lochhead's DRACULA and David Auburn's PROOF and the video games DARE COPTER and TOWER OF DOTRION.

I'm a 2008 music graduate of the LIVERPOOL INSTITUTE FOR PERFORMING ARTS and attended the 2010 BERLINALE TALENT CAMPUS.

I quite like music.


My ambition is to keep on doing stuff. As a gamer, it's been pretty sweet to branch out into them recently. I'd like to do a TV show or web serial - something with a drawn-out narrative. Theatre's great. And I've been lucky to work on some really great feature-length films. So, yeah. Just more of that really.

Project Development

Upcoming projects include ROMEO & JULIET for the Liverpool Shakespeare Festival LORD OF THE FLIES for the Sell a Door theatre company.


Joe Hisaishi, Kenji Kawai, Hiromi Uehara and Danny Elfman.

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