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I began my career in film making as a researcher for BBC London's Inside Out programme. I'd previously dabbled in journalism but had never thought of working in TV. Following 4 happy years in the chaotic environment of a newsroom I decided to strike out on my own as a producer outside the BBC - but found myself bored to tears working in the corporate sector as a glorified runner. Boredom does strange things to a person and for me it forced my hand into combining my passion for art with my training in film making. A year down the line and I have two short documentaries to my name and I'm planning my first piece of fictional film making with an established director.


I reserve judgement on my ambitions right at the moment. I think I may fall in love with narrative film making when I've finished my short...but then again it might be hell and I'll be back waiting for my paychecque in the corporate sector.

Project Development

I'm currently writing a script for a horror film set on an east london estate in 1994 in a pirate radio station. To sound of early jungle two young DJs find out that men with huge ceremonial heads and sharp knives are to be avoided at all costs.


My influences come mostly from stills photographers like Hiroshi Sugimoto and Jan Staller. I tend to remember films rather than film makers - Suburbia, The Conversation and Death In Venice being favourites. Music also looms large for me, artists like Burial, Forest Swords and Earth allow me to develop images in my head.

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