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Alan Brissenden



I started to write songs in 1990, upto now I have written about 30 songs, including instrumentals.
Ten years ago, I wrote a comedy script for T.V. called; PERFECT MATCH.
After that I wrote 2 spin off's, of PERFECT MATCH called; GOLF BALLS & LIGHTER SHADES OF PALE. They are all based on a decorator's merchant's.
I have written poems that have been published in two books with an (i.s.b.n.).
In 1994 I wrote a Quiz for T.V. called; WORDS & MUSIC.
1994, Quiz called; CANDIDATE.
1999, Quiz called; PASSPORT.
2004, Musical called; THEATRE OF DREAMS.
2008, Musical called; PERFECT MATCH.
2008, I wrote a book called; SCAMMED.
2009, Book called; POND for Children.
At the moment I am in the middle of writing a film script.


My ambition is to have some of my works, shown or used on Television.

Project Development

At the the moment I am developing a project, which is for film, for which I am hopping that it could for BBC FILMS.


John Lennon.

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