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Since high school i've always had a strong passion for film making and ever since then i have had numerous work experiences with universitys and low budget production companys. When i was in college i took Media & Film studies as core subjects and learnt a lot about the theories behind films such as auteurist techniques and the evolution world cinema. After college i applied to University to study Film Production Technology which involved the learning about the practicals of filmmaking. From here the work consisted many from group film productions, however in the 3rd year i was able to start becoming more individual within my skills and began to write and direct the films i wanted to make. I recieved praise from my project supervisor for the final year project and was able to secure a few part time jobs within my area. However i still want to produce more films and improve my skills to make them as innovative as possible.


I am hoping to produce longer films that will entertain a wide audience and during this i want to find my own unique directing sytle and showcasing it to people within the film industry. Just like influencial directors such as Christopher Nolan and Quentin Tarantino

Project Development

Bollan Tape (runner)
Humanity (runner)
The Perfect Burger (Post-Production & DIT)
The Last Battle (Director and Editor)
The Righteous Story (Director and Editor)
A Summers Break (Director and Editor)


Martin Scorsese
Robert de Niro
Al Pacino
Christopher Nolan
Michael Mann
Quentin Quarantino

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