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Filming is now complete on Universal Picture's 'Gridiron UK', a British comedy feature film set in 1985. The film follows Derek (Michael Dixon) and Sean (Andrew Harwood Mills), as they set up an American Football team in a country dominated by Soccer, Rugby, Cricket and Fish & Chips. The film is directed by Gary Delaney and produced by Gareth Jones and David Soul (Starsky and Hutch). The film also stars NFL legend Dorsey Levens (We Are Marshall), Stephen Marcus (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels), Helen Lederer (Absolutely Fabulous), Mem Ferda (The Devil's Double), Paul Nicholas (Tommy), Russell Floyd and Anthony Quinlan.

Andrew played Iago in 'Being Othello' written & directed by Suri Krishnamma. It premiered at BAFTA in April '09.

Andrew plays Chino in 'War Games/At The End Of The Day', the debut feature of the most famous Italian music promos director, Cosimo Alemà. Shot in Rome, Italy, It was released in cinemas by Bolero Film and on DVD by Universal.

Andrew plays the title role in 'The Apothecary', a short period film set in 19th Century London and filmed in Dunster castle, Dorset. It won best drama at the 2011 First Light Movie Awards at the Odeon, Leicester Square. The film was made by the Young peoples' Film Council.

Andrew plays Robinson in 'Secrets Of The Content', directed by Tom Pickard. The film is based on the 1935 short story 'A Day Saved' by Graham Greene. It was screened at the The 64th Festival de Cannes in 2011.

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