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Mike picked up his first camera at the age of 9 on his parents' boat. Sometime later he went on to graduate with an MA in History and International Relations, an MLitt in Middle East Strategic Studies, and finally a Law degree. Mike then lived and worked in Cairo, Jerusalem and Dubai.

Now based in London and Scotland, Mike's documentary work is currently focused on ways of life within the British Isles that face extinction.

Mike also writes and directs fiction with several short film and feature scripts currently in development.

The films are shot on a variety of formats including film in 16mm and Super8 and in HD with 35mm lenses.

Project Development

"End of Empire" a short film about a son's determination to save his father from spiraling debt.

"Ridley Road" A super8 documentary about a unique market in East London. Premiered at London on Film Festival 2009.

"The Last Crofter" A super8 film about crofting and a threatened community. Premiered at Cambridge Super8 Film Festival 2009.

"What Everyone Wants" (in development) A short film about a day in the life of an elderly Afghan market stall holder in London.

"With Grace" (in development) A story about a muslim charity worker, a stripper and a vicar.

"Greylag Geese and Englishmen" (in development) A documentary about the decline of crofting in the hebrides. Shot in HD with 35mm lenses.


Frank Hurley, Satyajit Ray, John Cassavetes, Aki Kaurismaki

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