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Jessica Lux was born and grew up in Edinburgh. As a child she planned to become a car designer when she grew up and spent most of her time drawing felt tip pen designs for sportscars with giant spoilers and souped-up wheels (in between dropping water balloons on pedestrians from top floor windows and trying to avoid wearing the colour pink).

She was educated at an all-girls boarding school once described in The Times (by an ex-pupil) as being 'enough to drive anyone to drugs'. She then turned down a place at Oxford University to study English at UCL, which she graduated from with first class honours.

After graduating, she wrote for Private Eye, Time Out and The Times. After travelling alone to the war-zone in Uganda to photograph the Lord's Resistance Army war and interview those involved in the war, she launched and headed Amnesty International's Lost Childhood campaign to raise awareness about the global problem of children forced to fight in conflicts. She decided to become a filmmaker after becoming jealous of her new flatmate, who was a filmmaker studying at the London College of Communication. When he went back for the new academic year, she turned up every day for a week at the LCC and harassed the teaching staff with glitter filled letters and photographs until they relented and let her onto the same film course, directly into the 2nd year.

In the first few months at LCC she was a finalist in Channel Four's Adventures in Recycling film competition, and won a Kodak Student Commercial award and BBC New Music Shorts the year after. She has just been voted one of The Observer's Future 50 "movers and shakers" of Art and Design in the UK. She lives and works in London.


James Joyce, Radiohead, Hieronymous Bosch, Picasso, Orbital, Beckett, Shakespeare,  'Withnail and I', Thom Yorke, Aphex Twin, Terence Malick, The Prodigy, Monty Python, David Lynch,Chris Cunningham, Florence and the Machine, Derek Jarman, Mike Leigh, Henry David Thoreau, Andrea Arnold, Nan Goldin, Aphex Twin, Jung, Freud, Charlie Kauffman, Christopher Doyle,  RD Laing, Beckett, Nighty Night, Mum, Amiina, 'The Buddha of Suburbia', 'The Act of Seeing With One's Own Eyes', 'Festen', 'Lolita', The Office Jane Campion, 'If...', Elim Klimov's 'Come and See', Egon Scheile, 'Murmur' by Kirk Palmer, Michel Gondry, Underworld, 'La Jetee', 'Sixes Last' (music video), Apparat, Sylvia Plath, Jan Svankmajer, Stanley Kubrick, Sigur Ros, Steve Reich, Bob Dylan, Arthur Russell, Excentral Tempest, Moondog, Ani Di Franco, Louis MacNeice, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Allen Ginsberg's 'Howl', other people's diaries... Pieces of work that you love but cannot easily explain why you love.

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