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Aqeel Ahmed (also known by full name Mohammed Aqeel Ahmed) is a young director and screenwriter.
For most of his life, family and friends recall his creativity. When a child, he stood out as being a talented cartoonist. As he grew older, this developed into a talent with other 2D arts such as graphic design, even getting his A-Level projects shown in an exhibition at London County Hall.

He went on to study BA 3D Digital Animation, where he received a First in his degree. For his final degree project, he teamed up with an animator, and created a short-film called "Alienated".

The film won the University's "Best Comedic Film" Award at the Animation Exposé and also did well in various film festivals. In particular, it was one of the final 12 films in the Virgin Media Shorts 2008 competition, and was up for awards. Judges included Kevin Spacey, Gurinder Chadha and Sir Richard Branson.

Project Development

"I have a few projects in story/script development. The main project that I think I'm going to do first is much more dramatic in comparison to my usual comedy stories. It revolves around an abandoned London of the future and a man who has returned. I'm still writing it, but it would be fun to direct and because of my Visual Effects/CGI skills, some friends and I can do all the effects."


"From an early age, I've always loved Disney animation. I'm still such a kid and I still watch Disney movies all the time. I also like Pixar, and most other CG animation as well.

"Sticking with the kid thing, I also love superhero films! Spider-man, Superman, Batman...they're all great!

"My favourite director is Christopher Nolan. His career is so inspiring and his work is amazing, from Following all the way to The Dark Knight.

"Personal inspirations include my mum, my aunties, my friends Rabia and Andrew, and my graphic design teacher Shiv Saywack. They always encourage me and give me support, and I probably wouldn't have any success without them."

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